Don't Settle for Process Mining – Upgrade to Productivity Mining.

We are the only productivity and process mining platform with a 360° view of the organization across people, processes, and technology dimensions.

Gain instant productivity intelligence on all business processes and work within your organization, and make smarter data-driven transformation decisions.

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Unlock Your Full Organization's Potential

Facing unnecessary friction that hinders productivity and stifles growth?

True iprovement requires a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between processes, people, and technology. With, you’ll go beyond the tunnel view typical for process-centric solutions. So get ready for:

  • Productivity 360 – complete coverage of people, process and technology potential
  • Data capture and analysis at scale
  • Actionable insights in real time
  • No time-consuming integrations
  • Rapid time-to-value

Drive Success with a 360° View of Your Organization

Boost Productivity

Increase operational efficiency with our data-driven approach.

Reduce Costs

Identify immediate cost-saving opportunities driving your instant ROI.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Identify bottlenecks in customer-facing processes, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Drive Employee Engagement

Harness the energy and potential of your workforce to create a friction-free environment.

Experience rapid time-to-value

Install today, unlock value tomorrow. No time-consuming integrations

Accelerate time-to-market

Streamline workflows and optimize resource allocation, leading to faster development.

What Sets Us Apart

Holistic Productivity Insights
ROI-Driven Automation
Live Visibility
End-to-End Process Optimization
AI-Driven Pattern Discovery

From a free demo, you will:

  • iris scan See

    An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our platform in action – how our technology operates and the real-time results.

  • Understand

    Experience the path to concrete results that our intelligence provides – streamlining approaches, uncovering hidden opportunities, and navigating 360-degree productivity.

  • Change

    Armed with knowledge, it’s time to drive change! This final step is about steering transformation and measuring the impact on your daily operations and bottom line.

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