Productivity 360°. Enablement at scale. Ready to plug-and-ROI?

Productivity 360° platform captures enormous amount of unstructured information, skillfully blends process and task mining techniques to analyze it and ultimately help you see, understand and act on how work in your organization gets done.

Zooming Out & Zooming In:
All-encompassing 360° Perspective

Our holistic approach sets us apart. While most platforms provide a limited or superficial focus on processes alone, we delve deeper. Productivity 360° platform is engineered to provide insights into not just processes, but also the people driving them and the technology enabling them. It’s a comprehensive, end-to-end view that captures every nuance of your organization’s operation.

Imagine having a tool that not only allows you to view your organization from a high vantage point but also enables you to zoom in on specifics whenever and wherever needed. It’s a paradigm shift in how you perceive and enhance productivity.


Gen AI Potential Detection: From Buzz to Tangible Impact

As the world stands on the cusp of the Generative AI revolution, it’s no longer enough to just adapt; businesses must lead. This is where demonstrates its undeniable prowess. It guides companies in identifying specific avenues for GenAI implementation, a key step in transitioning from a general understanding of GenAI technology to pinpointing tangible, value-added deployment opportunities.

By focusing on areas where there is substantial scalability and thus impact, aids companies in seizing the low-hanging fruits in the Gen AI space and showing them precisely down to the process step and activity level what’s really in for them. It’s about transcending the buzz and honing in on where Gen AI can truly redefine the impact on an organization, unlocking unprecedented levels of innovation impacting top- and bottom-line.

Addressing It All: Operational Mastery & Transformation Acceleration

In the modern business world, steering everyday operations seamlessly while simultaneously driving successful transformation can feel like a tightrope walk. offers a robust solution, merging these two arenas flawlessly.

Our platform empowers you with instant visibility into daily operations, ensuring you’re always in the driver’s seat, making informed decisions swiftly. But the magic doesn’t stop at mere visibility. With our cutting-edge AI-driven analytics, you gain rapid insights into patterns and inefficiencies. This supercharged intelligence not only optimizes daily operations but also pinpoints prime automation candidates—enabling transformative changes at an unprecedented pace and scale.

Immediate Impact, Zero Wait

Time is money, especially in the fast-paced digital realm. And when you’re looking for solutions to drive your organization’s growth, waiting around isn’t an option. Enter PLUG-AND-ROI, our promise to deliver results from the very first day.

While many process mining tools get bogged down with lengthy and costly ERP system integrations, our approach with Productivity 360 is refreshingly straightforward. Designed for rapid implementation, it sidesteps the complications, letting you dive right into actionable insights without the usual setup hurdles.

Interactive overview

Explore our selection of interactive panels and dashboards below.


Core differentiators

How our Productivity 360° platform makes a difference compared to its competitors in process mining and task mining industry?

Gen AI Potential Detection

Leverage advanced AI algorithms to intelligently aggregate and recognize patterns within data, driving smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

End-to-End Process Optimization

Gain complete visibility into your business processes with's comprehensive process discovery, identifying improvement areas and uncovering hidden optimization potential.

Holistic Productivity Insights

Uncover hidden potential with comprehensive, real-time insights into your entire operations, spanning people, processes, and technology. Make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency and growth.

ROI-Driven Automation

Identify and prioritize automation candidates with's business case calculations, unlocking immediate value and streamlining operations for long-term success.

Unparalleled Scalability

Enjoy effortless scaling right out of the box. Championing transformation for a team of 50 or orchestrating operations for a 5000-strong force, experience seamless scalability that meets your demands at every level, without compromising on efficiency or detail.

Live Visibility

React in real-time. What unfolds in your business today doesn't have to wait until tomorrow to be understood and addressed. Experience the power of immediate insights and take decisive actions today, keeping your operations always one step ahead.

Immediate Impact

Benefit from day one. Insights are at your fingertips the moment data starts rolling in, facilitating swift and informed decisions. Transform your operations with real-time data analysis, making an immediate impact on your business performance and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Hybrid Workplace Management

Navigate the complexities of modern work environments by harmonizing remote and onsite operations. Foster work culture that is both efficient and equitable, creating a sense of fairness and win-win.

Technology Landscape Rationalization

Monitor and optimize your technology stack's performance, minimize latency, and maximize application utilization to create a seamless, frictionless user experience.

Workforce Enablement

Empower your team leaders and management with data-driven insights on workforce allocation, work-life balance, maximizing productivity and boosting employee satisfaction.

AI-Powered Aggregation and Analysis

Leverage advanced AI algorithms to intelligently aggregate and recognize patterns in data, driving smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

No Integration Hassles

Plug-in for instant productivity intelligence across all your systems. is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing infrastructure and software landscape, eliminating the need for complex, costly and time-consuming integrations.

No-Code Configuration

Harness the power of agility and innovation with no-code configuration. Facilitate rapid deployment and easy adjustments, allowing businesses to stay ahead in the ever-changing market dynamics.

Secure, Privacy-Compliant Monitoring

Safeguard sensitive data with a privacy-first approach, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations while providing unparalleled insights into your organization's performance.

Our approach to addressing your pain-points

"See, Understand, Change" framework encapsulates the core value proposition of our platform, highlighting its ability to provide visibility, insights, and actionable recommendations.



Powerful data capturing, analysis and visualization capabilities of, allowing businesses to gain a clear and comprehensive view of their operations and performance. Learn what hidden patterns and untapped potential lie within your data.



Deep insights and granular analysis provided by, enabling organizations to interpret the data and uncover valuable patterns, trends, and opportunities. Discover what insights and game-changing improvement ideas are just one click away.



Actionable recommendations offered by, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive ROI-oriented transformation initiatives. Explore what can you do to revolutionize the way your organization works.

Our customer records

We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to capturing and managing complexity. Our advanced productivity intelligence platform has been engineered to handle vast and intricate webs of information, empowering organizations to navigate the most complex business landscapes with ease.

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