Customer Service

Unlock the potential of your customer interaction teams and boost performance.

Problem Statement

Customer service leaders strive to deliver exceptional experiences while ensuring the efficiency of interaction centers. However, the variety of customer issues often results in extended resolution times, elevated costs, and unexpected agent behaviors, which can adversely affect customer satisfaction.

Understanding how individuals and teams allocate their time to resolve issues is crucial for driving breakthrough improvements. Identifying bottlenecks and streamlining workflows will empower your team to tackle challenges more effectively, ultimately elevating customer satisfaction levels.

See, Understand, Change's platform empowers customer service teams by unlocking the potential of their customer interactions. The AI-enabled system extracts, visualizes process data in near real-time, and observes strengths and weaknesses in customer interactions.

While the duration of interactions is important to improve efficiency (average case resolution time, response times), the quality of conversations is crucial to improve effectiveness and thereby NPS, CSAT and compliance rate. presents both time and qualitative dimensions along the interaction chain, highlighting automation potential and appropriate measures to improve productivity and reduce idle time.

The platform provides automated analytics, delivering ready-to-use dashboards and reports with a continuous stream of data specifically tailored for process analysis.

Know Your Potential

By leveraging, customer service teams can achieve the following benefits:

Increased customer satisfaction (NPS)
Reduced resolution times
Enhanced team productivity
Reduced churn

Results from Our Customers

A Global Telco Customer experienced significant improvements in their customer service operations using

Accumulated benefit after 3 years
Steady-state benefit per annum

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