IT Support

Enable your IT support to boost performance of the whole organisation. Save costs on systems, track and resolved incidents in real time and unlock enablers of high productivity for the whole organisation.

Problem Statement

IT support professionals encounter hurdles stemming from compliance and security risks. These arise due to incorrect app usage or the intrusion of shadow IT solutions. Performance problems, notably during peaks, further compound their challenges.

Adding to this, complex incident management processes and steep license expenses burden the IT support team. Operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness are hampered, underscoring the multifaceted nature of their responsibilities.

See, Understand, Change offers IT support teams a range of capabilities to enhance their operations.

It drives change management by discovering real ways of working after major implementations, enabling effective adaptation to new systems and processes. IT support teams gain visibility over process steps within applications and real-time tools utilization, optimizing workflows and resource utilization for improved operational efficiency. facilitates hardware and software monitoring in the context of people and processes, enabling IT support teams to address performance issues in real time. The platform identifies opportunities for process improvement and automation within the IT department and IT support/helpdesk. helps IT support teams uncover process steps and activities outside of the main systems, providing visibility over any shadow IT introduced by non-IT channels. This capability helps identify and address potential security and compliance risks, ensuring a secure and compliant IT environment.

Know Your Potential

By leveraging, IT support teams can achieve the following benefits:

Effortless incident discovery & helpdesk reporting
Uncovering and addressing shadow IT
Optimized license allocation & app usage

Results from Our Customers

A Global Telco Customer experienced significant improvements in their customer service operations using

Savings in 3 years
Yearly benefit

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