Senior Operations Executives

Optimize staffing, shuffle workloads, assess performance targets and manage workforce regardless of their mode of work.

Problem Statement

Lack of visibility into daily operations, especially for people working at home or in hybrid mode, affects the ability of operations executives to make real-time decisions and manage a hybrid workforce. 

Embracing a hybrid mode of work, ensuring the right capacity for adherence to SLAs and driving customer experience requires significant additional work by operations executives and team leaders without proper tools at their disposal.

See, Understand, Change

The platform allows executives to optimize staffing levels by providing insights into workforce utilization and identifying potential savings from overstaffing. This enables executives to make data-driven decisions to align staffing resources with operational needs effectively.

The platform's data-driven inputs can be utilized for bonuses and performance reviews, ensuring that rewards and recognition are based on objective metrics. By leveraging, operations executives can foster a fair and transparent evaluation process, leading to improved employee engagement and performance. offers visibility into capacity and workload management, providing operations executives with critical metrics such as SLAs, lead times, hours worked, volume, and peak times. This empowers executives to create effective capacity plans and make real-time adjustments based on live monitoring.

Know Your Potential

By leveraging, transformation executives can achieve the following benefits:

Enhanced Productivity Visibility, Anywhere, Anytime
SLA Adherence increase through Smart Capacity Planning
Efficient Performance Management & Overtime Payments

Results from Our Customers

A Global Agri-business experienced significant improvements in their SSC operations using

Productivity increase for a hybrid workforce
Processes executed with value-stream mapping

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