Manage and optimise energy consumption on an individual and organizational level, gaining ecological and financial benefits for the organisation and the individual employees.

Problem Statement

The challenges of sustainability involve meeting targets, managing energy costs, and accessing essential data for reporting.

High costs and low productivity can be attributed to various factors, including a lack of process standardization, limited opportunities for process improvement, inadequate or outdated process documentation, and the drawbacks of manual process mapping. Manual mapping is often slow and subjective, resulting in incomplete data and hindering accurate analysis.

Without a comprehensive understanding of process inefficiencies and bottlenecks, organizations may struggle to identify areas for optimization and fail to capitalize on untapped potential. Manual process mapping often falls short in capturing the intricate details and interdependencies of complex workflows, leading to suboptimal decision-making. 

See, Understand, Change offers compelling reasons to choose it as a solution that contributes to a sustainable environment. With, users can discover hardware usage patterns for each individual and correlate this data with work patterns to achieve personalized energy savings.

The platform also provides detailed reporting on hardware usage at individual, team, and organizational unit levels. Additionally, offers export and integration capabilities for its reporting components, allowing for seamless integration with existing systems.

With these features, empowers organizations to gain insights into hardware usage, optimize energy consumption, and generate comprehensive reports for effective monitoring and analysis.

Know Your Potential

Fulfillment of sustainability targets
Benefits for employees by reducing energy consumption at home
Cost savings by reducing energy consumption at the office
Contribution to employer branding and CSR

Results from Our Customers

Energy consumption saved
CO2 footprint reduction

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