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Our story

Every great endeavor has its beginning, a story that sets the stage for its journey ahead. The roots of a company don't just explain its inception; they shed light on its ethos, vision, and the very foundation upon which its values are built. Understanding the genesis of KYP.ai provides insights into our driving motivations and the essence of what we stand for. It's a testament to our dedication, our challenges, and our commitment to revolutionize the way businesses operate.

Blueprints of ambition

Dive in to explore the story that makes us who we are today.

It all started with an extensive experience working on automation and transformation projects for Capgemini, a global consulting company. This is where our Founders first met and saw the need for an advanced solution to help organizations rapidly understand their abstract processes and balance them with people and technology dimensions. An idea was born.

Our journey began in the bustling city of Cologne, Germany. The birthplace of KYP.ai has infused in us a unique blend of German precision and unwavering focus. But we didn’t stop there. We coupled this with the astute engineering prowess of our product development team, crafting Productivity 360 – a novel approach to productivity mining and process enhancement that stands out in the industry.

In just a little over two years since we unveiled the MVP version of our platform, KYP.ai has made significant strides in the global arena. We now take immense pride in serving a diverse clientele spread across five continents. This rapid growth and widespread acceptance speak volumes about the trust our solution has garnered and the tangible value it delivers to organizations worldwide.

Unpacking our workplace magic

We wanted to build a company that felt like home—a place where people aren’t just punching the clock but are genuinely excited to contribute. 

For us, our workplace is more than just desks and screens; it’s where fresh ideas meet passion, challenges morph into opportunities, and where every day brings a chance to do something meaningful.

So, what makes us stand out from the crowd? Here’s our employee value proposition, straight from the source.

Start-up flair

From our humble beginnings to our current position, we’ve consciously chosen to keep the spirit of a start-up alive and vibrant. Growth hasn’t slowed our stride; instead, it has enhanced the sense of agility and excitement that flows within our office walls.

We believe that every organization, regardless of its size, benefits from an entrepreneurial spirit. It keeps things fresh, dynamic, and innovative.

Each day, we’re propelled by a culture where every idea—whether it emerges from a brainstorming session or a casual coffee break chat—is treasured. Big or small, every thought is a potential spark of innovation, and at KYP.ai, we ensure that these sparks are never extinguished.

Star team

Every company boasts of its team, but we genuinely believe ours stands a cut above the rest. This isn’t just corporate jargon; it’s a sentiment deeply woven into our culture. We’re convinced we’ve brought together an exceptional group of talents, each member excelling brilliantly in their roles.

However, individual prowess isn’t where the story ends. When these skillsets come together, they form an unstoppable force, charting our path in a fiercely competitive landscape, ensuring we remain at the forefront.

Think of it as a well-orchestrated ensemble, where each member, with their unique strengths and perspectives, collaborates seamlessly. This cohesive energy not only drives us forward but continually sets new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

People centricity

Our mantra is simple: people first. While technologies and processes are pivotal, it’s the dedicated individuals behind the scenes who bring our vision to life and set us apart in the marketplace.

This isn’t just a belief; it’s a lived experience. For us, success isn’t solely about revenue or accolades; it’s about fostering an environment where every team member feels valued and inspired. By tuning into individual strengths, being attuned to unique aspirations, and always keeping well-being at the forefront, we’ve sculpted a culture that truly empowers.

This ethos ensures more than just daily operations; it breeds passion, dedication, and an unparalleled sense of belonging. Here, everyone is not just an employee; they’re a vital piece in the grand mosaic of our story, playing a significant role in our shared trajectory.

Growth mindset

Complacency? That word is simply non-existent in our dictionary. Each individual within our ranks is charged with a relentless pursuit of excellence, a deep-seated passion for transformative change, and a fiery determination to continuously stretch the limits of possibility.

But for us, embracing a growth mindset is more than just adopting a fashionable slogan; it’s the very heartbeat that animates our collective spirit. This unwavering ethos ensures that we remain versatile and resilient, perpetually fueled by an insatiable curiosity.

Every day, we’re on a tireless quest to uncover, understand, and seize the next monumental innovation that has the potential to revolutionize our industry.


Merit isn’t just a buzzword here. It’s not about how long you’ve been with us or the title on your business card. Instead, it’s about the tangible value you bring, the innovative ideas you pitch, and the relentless efforts you put forth.

This belief ensures that each individual’s hard work, creativity, and dedication translate directly into recognition and advancement opportunities. Everyone is granted an equal opportunity to shine, and in our universe, success is the byproduct of talent and persistence, not just seniority or protocol.

In this environment, not only does passion get noticed, but it also paves the way for growth and new horizons, reinforcing our commitment to celebrating genuine talent.


In the midst of our daily grind lies a profound, unwavering drive to enact tangible change. Every role we embrace, every assignment we undertake, and every meticulous effort we pour in converge into one larger, shared objective: revolutionizing the way organizations operate and perceive productivity.

Here, it’s not merely about clocking in hours, but about making those hours count towards creating impactful milestones.

Each team member, regardless of their position or tenure, can take a moment’s pause and lay claim to the undeniable truth: their dedication, day in and day out, is actively shaping a new paradigm for a more efficient and effective tomorrow.


Why we exist

Vision and mission are not just mere statements for us at KYP.ai. They define our reason for being and set the course for our journey ahead. A shared understanding of our mission and vision is what aligns our efforts towards a common purpose.


To become the go-to platform for businesses seeking to continuously optimize how work gets done, drive efficiency at scale, and unlock next-level employee engagement.


To empower businesses with 360-degree visibility, uncovering opportunities for improvement, driving while eliminating friction across people, processes, and technology dimensions.


Our journey at KYP.ai is supported by a select group of investors who believe in our vision and share our commitment to transforming the world of work. Their investment in us extends far beyond capital. We carefully chose them for their deep-rooted expertise, extensive knowledge, and strategic insights that are crucial for accelerating our growth and overcoming any obstacles in our path.

Tola Capital is a VC firm based in Seattle, Washington that invests in early-stage and later-stage enterprise software companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe. They focus on helping these companies become category leaders and generate great returns for their investors. Tola Capital has a product-focused approach and has invested in over 58 companies.

42CAP invests in seed-stage technology-driven companies across Europe with global ambition. The team behind 42CAP built eCircle, one of Europes largest SaaS companies, and sold the profitable company to Teradata (NYSE:TDC) in 2012. They work as peers amongst entrepreneurs sharing their fundamental values: conviction for technology- and data-driven sustainable business models and a true passion for entrepreneurship.

OTB Ventures is a leading European VC focused on DeepTech with an unfair advantage in accessing Central and Eastern European (CEE) deal flow, investing in early growth, real tech startups (late Seed, Series A and B) that develop unique technologies in 4 verticals: SpaceTech, AI & Automation, FinTech and Cybersecurity. OTB Ventures was established in 2017 and is currently the largest VC originating from the CEE, managing over $300M.


Every step of our journey at KYP.ai is a testament to our dedication, resilience, and unwavering belief in our mission. As we continue to grow and innovate, these milestones serve as reflective markers. Each accomplishment signifies a story of hard work, a moment of triumph, a challenge overcome. By sharing these, we aim to provide a glimpse into the pivotal moments that have shaped us as a company.

JUNE 2023
2023 Event
We host a yearly all-company event for all Kypians to celebrate our achievements and plan for the future. This is how we ensure the sense of direction, alignment, but also comittment.
MAY 2023
Series A
Signing OTB - a leading European VC focused on DeepTech - as our new investor. OTB was established in 2017 and is currently the largest VC originating from the CEE, managing over $300M.
APR 2023
50 Kypians
We hit a significant landmark, welcoming our 50th team member in our ongoing mission to redefine productivity.We are getting bigger and bigger!
APR 2023
Five continents
Our platform has expanded its global footprint, now serving customers on five continents Australia, we're coming for you next!
MAR 2023
Hello Central America
Thrilled to announce Allied Global, the eminent BPO company from Guatemala, as our inaugural client from Central America. Our gratitude and pride know no bounds!
JAN 2023
Record-high eNPS
Following a year of diligent monthly Employee NPS surveys, we celebrate reaching a 75% score (on a -100% to 100% scale). Jubilations are certainly in order
NOV 2022
Hello Africa
Signing our first customer in Africa - Hollard. Hollard Group is a privately owned insurance group based in South Africa.
OCT 2022
Scaling capability
Major achievement unlocked! We're thrilled that now over 4000 licenses are operating smoothly on a single instance for an individual customer. A grand salute to our engineering team!
JUNE 2022
40 Kypians onboard
We celebrate the remarkable growth of our team again, now boasting 40 dedicated professionals.
OCT 2021
30 Kypians onboard
Our company family expands, hitting the exciting landmark of 30 team members.
AUG 2021
20 Kypians onboard
We proudly announce the expansion of our dynamic team, now 20 members strong.
JUNE 2021
Seed round
Tola Capital, the renowned US-based VC firm, known for championing early-stage enterprise software disruptors, backs our mission at KYP.a with their capital and know-how.
FEB 2021
Sealing the first deal
Our journey gains momentum as we sign our first client, US based Alorica, marking a significant step in KYP.ai's quest to enhance productivity worldwide.
DEC 2020
10 Kypians onboard
We celebrate the growth of our dedicated team, as we welcome our 10th team member to the KYP.ai family.
NOV 2020
Here we come
We unveil our MVP, turning our visionary concept into a tangible reality, ready to revolutionize productivity dynamics across organizations.
OCT 2020
Expanding horizons
Marking a significant step in our growth journey, we establish our subsidiaries in Poland and the United States, extending our physical footprint to match our global aspirations.
APR 2020
Preseed round
German VC firm 42CAP recognizes the promise of KYP.ai, infusing our journey with their invaluable investment and trust. A testament to the potential they see in our vision and solution.
SEP 2018
First things first
With the legal foundations of KYP.ai securely laid in Germany, we welcomed our first employee aboard, igniting the spark to begin our product development journey.
MAY 2018
Idea is born
Our founders convened, the seed of KYP.ai was sown, and even the company logo came to life, sketched on a humble napkin. An epic beginning to an extraordinary journey!


Some people call it situation-independent decision criteria. Some people call it glue that holds the organization together. They play an important role in how we work together.

Why is it important?

“>Our values are the foundation upon which our company culture is built, creating a shared understanding and a strong sense of unity among our team members.

This cohesive culture acts like a magnet, attracting and retaining individuals who share our beliefs and thrive in our work environment.

Values are critical as they serve as situation-independent decision criteria, guiding our actions and behaviors even in the most complex and challenging situations. By adhering to our core values, we ensure consistency in our approach, maintaining our reputation for excellence and reliability.

At KYP.ai, we believe that having a clear and strong set of values is essential for fostering a positive work atmosphere, driving employee engagement, and ultimately, unlocking the full potential of our team.

As we grow and evolve, these core values remain at the heart of our organization, shaping our identity and guiding us toward a successful future.

  • JOY
    We work with passion, creating a positive and energetic atmosphere that fuels our creativity and productivity.
    We strive to do good, be genuine and act ethically at all times.
    We are open and multicultural, treat everyone with dignity and embrace our differences.
    We act with honesty, respect and personal responsibility towards our customers, partners and employees.
    We are meticulous and focus on data-driven results while keeping the big picture in mind.
    We push 'the new' and foster a fast-paced atmosphere of curiosity and creativity.
    We take individual ownership, are reliable for our actions and embrace freedom.

Our offices


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Represented by
Frank Scheuble, Dr. Adam Bujak, Miroslaw Bartecki

EIN: 85-4307238

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