Heads of Automation Center of Excellence

Uncover automation candidates, document processes to be automated, calculate benefits, measure impact of automation and manage changes.

Problem Statement

Numerous heads of automation CoE grapple with underperforming automation programs. These initiatives often fail to meet ROI expectations and lack avenues for automation opportunities. A key contributor is the absence of a structured automation pipeline, leading to suboptimal automation levels.

Empowering efficiency necessitates addressing these challenges head-on. Establishing a robust automation pipeline, coupled with meticulous documentation of processes earmarked for automation, is critical. Augmenting this with effective automation change management strategies will not only boost automation rates but also ensure a more successful and impactful automation program.

See, Understand, Change

KYP.ai offers several compelling reasons to choose it as a automation center of excellence solution.

KYP.ai provides Heads of Automation Center of Excellence with capabilities to enhance their automation initiatives. With the platform's automation pipeline functionality, they can discover potential opportunities for automation and effectively document real processes, ensuring a systematic and organized approach to automation implementation.

Heads of Automation Center of Excellence can leverage KYP.ai's business case and ROI capabilities to evaluate the suitability of automation solutions for their organization. The platform allows them to assess the potential for automation in terms of solution fit and accurately calculate the potential savings, enabling informed decision-making and justification of automation investments.

In terms of operations, KYP.ai supports Heads of Automation Center of Excellence in assessing the benefits and ROI of automation efforts. They can use the platform to drive rational usage of licenses, ensuring optimal utilization of automation resources. Additionally, KYP.ai assists in managing changes associated with the implementation of robots and other automation technologies, streamlining the adoption process and minimizing disruptions.

Know Your Potential

Expected benefits for your organisation in process excellence area.

Cost savings with a ROI of under 6 months
Increase in automation levels by 35% in short-term
Proper change management of automation implementation

Results from Our Customers

Numerous customers experienced significant improvements within their automation programs using KYP.ai:

Automation level increase
Savings in automation

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