Gen AI Use Case Detection

Navigate from Gen AI buzz to tangible business gains with Identify and seize scalable, impactful implementation opportunities, transforming innovation and boosting financial performance directly at the process and activity level.

Problem Statement

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are eager to harness the potential of Generative AI (Gen AI) to fuel innovation and growth. However, the initial stage often involves wading through an overload of information and generic use cases, which can be overwhelming and vague. This stage is critical, as businesses strive to move beyond the general understanding of Gen AI capabilities, seeking to identify tangible use cases specific to their organization.

At this juncture, emerges as an invaluable partner, serving as an enabler in the Gen AI scoping exercise. It helps companies to sift through the noise, assisting them in prioritizing initiatives based on potential impact and ease of implementation. This targeted approach not only facilitates the identification of scalable opportunities but also helps in pinpointing low-hanging fruits that can yield significant results with minimal effort.

See, Understand, Change offers several compelling reasons to be your choice of Gen AI potential identification solution.

Discover activities with Gen AI application potential with out-of-the-box, automated discovery.

Compare your specific use cases based on scale, but also complexity and ease of implementation.

Take decisions on specific scenarios based on data ensuring success and measurable impact.

Know Your Potential

Expected benefits for your organisation in Gen AI detection area.

Automated identification of organization specific Gen AI use cases
Prioritization of use cases based on their measured potential
Accelerating your ability to scale Gen AI use fast

Results from our Customers

A multinational BPO player managed to identify Gen AI application opportunities for a large finance institution.

Identified Gen AI potential
Roles with job enhancement potential
Yearly saving potential identified

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