A modernized approach to scaling up enterprise-wide automation with LatentBridge’s Navigo and KYP.ai

Insights | 24.02.2023 | By: KYP.ai

By Hema Gandhi, CEO of LatentBridge, Adam Bujak, CEO of ,KYP.ai, and Sarah Burnett, Chief Technology Evangelist at ,KYP.ai

As technology continues to advance, our approach to adopting it can sometimes lag behind, resulting in disappointing outcomes. This is especially true in the case of intelligent automation, where many projects have fallen short of expectations, and achieving scale remains a challenge for many organizations.

To address this problem, KYP.ai and LatentBridge have teamed up to offer a solution that leverages the strengths of both platforms. By bringing together KYP.ai’s productivity intelligence and LatentBridge’s Navigo, an automation management product, organisations can benefit from a faster, data-driven approach to accelerating their automation journeys.

How the two solutions work together

Exhibit 1 illustrates the different stages of KYP.ai and LatentBridge’s modernized approach to intelligent automation adoption in the enterprise. First, Navigo allows organisations to gather ideas for process automation and set goals. Next, organisations can validate these ideas based on KYP.ai’s productivity mining with insights on the people, processes, and technology to confirm the automation options and develop process maps. Based on the automation drivers and process insights, the solution provides recommendations, develops a business case and prioritizes processes for the automation pipeline. Finally, post-implementation, enterprises can track and monitor the automation performance and benefits realisation.

Exhibit 1 – The Joint value proposition from Navigo & KYP.ai

The component parts

LatentBridge’s Navigo is an automation management and transformation planning product that enables an enterprise to engage its workforce, create an automation culture, accelerate the build-out of the automation pipeline and track its progress. It works by allowing enterprises to capture ideas from employees, aligning them with organisational goals, and assessing their feasibility with industry-specific questionnaires. It then creates process maps ensuring a holistic view of the process and helps organizations plan complex automation projects, define success factors, and estimate costs.

KYP.ai is a process intelligence solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide productivity, process, and technology usage insights. These insights uncover enterprise-wide opportunities to improve operations, enhance employee engagement, and improve the customer experience. KYP.ai is a cloud-based SaaS solution that delivers insights into productivity, process optimization, and automation, as well as execution success, supported by automatically generated, data-driven recommendations for improvements, business case development, and performance monitoring.

LatentBridge’s Navigo and KYP.ai provide a joint solution for automation management and productivity mining to enable businesses to create an automation mindset, gain detailed insights into processes and their automation potential, build a robust pipeline, and streamline operations at scale. With these tools, organizations can adopt a modernized approach to automation that taps both strong transformation planning and deep process intelligence to start and execute automation projects with greater efficiency, and confidence.

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