Closing the Capability Chasm with Productivity Mining

Insights | 23.06.2023 | By: Wojciech Zytkowiak-Wenzel


In the ever-evolving landscape of business, organizations face a myriad of challenges brought forth by economic shifts, geopolitical uncertainties, and rapid technological advancements. McKinsey’s recent report, “The State of Organizations in 2023,” sheds light on the critical need for organizations to bridge the capability chasm and build institutional capabilities to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. At, we recognize the significance of this challenge and offer a transformative solution to help organizations thrive in the face of change.

Closing the Capability Chasm

One key finding from the McKinsey report highlights that companies often announce technological or digital elements in their strategies without having the necessary capabilities to integrate them effectively. This capability chasm poses a significant hurdle for organizations striving to achieve a competitive advantage in their respective industries. To address this gap, organizations need to build institutional capabilities – an integrated set of people, processes, and technology that enables them to consistently outperform their competitors.

Unlocking Competitive Advantage with, an advanced productivity intelligence platform, provides organizations with the tools and insights they need to close the capability chasm. By leveraging’s comprehensive analytics and data-driven approach, organizations can align their people, processes, and technology to build the institutional capabilities necessary for success.

Integrating People, Processes, and Technology empowers organizations to understand their current capabilities and identify areas for improvement. By analyzing data from various dimensions, including process efficiency, workforce productivity, and technology utilization, enables organizations to uncover hidden potential and drive targeted change. With actionable insights, organizations can align their people, processes, and technology to achieve superior performance and gain a competitive edge.

Addressing the Capability Gap

According to the McKinsey report, only 5% of respondents believe their organizations already possess the capabilities they need. This presents a clear opportunity for organizations to leverage’s capabilities to close the gap and accelerate their journey towards institutional excellence. By harnessing’s productivity intelligence platform, organizations can make informed decisions, optimize operations, and unlock their true potential.


As organizations navigate the challenges and uncertainties of today’s business landscape, building institutional capabilities becomes paramount. The McKinsey report emphasizes the need to bridge the capability chasm, and stands ready to assist organizations in this endeavor. With our advanced productivity intelligence platform, organizations can close the capability gap, achieve competitive advantage, and propel their success in a rapidly changing world.


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