How Rock Climbing Adventures Unveil Enterprise Insights

News | 31.07.2023 | By: Communication

Miroslaw Bartecki, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, and Sarah Burnett, Chief Technology Evangelist at, recently had a converstaion about their team’s epic rock climbing adventure. This was no ordinary chat – they cleverly drew parallels between their thrilling climb and the challenging world of enterprise objectives. They discussed the secrets to conquering both rocks and business challenges, including having crystal-clear objectives, knowing where you’re headed and what you want to achieve, and the trials and tribulations of finding the right path to success.

Sarah and Miroslaw highlighted the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs) in tracking progress in the enterprise. Just like a seasoned climber keeps an eye on their ascent, businesses need to monitor their milestones and celebrate every summit reached. It is about raising the flag and shouting, “We made it!”

Tech Pulse for the enterprise

They also emphasized the significance of having the right tools and technology, represented by the metaphorical “rope” in climbing.

In the enterprise, sluggish systems and poor practice cause delays and lead to frustration and job dissatisfaction among staff. Just as no climber wants to be stuck hanging on a cliff with no support, enterprise staff don’t want to be waiting for 30 minutes or more for a system to respond! Miroslaw introduced the concept of “Tech Pulse,” which is’s software that identifies enterprise hardware and software systems that are operating sub-optimally. The insights from Tech Pulse enable organisations to optimise IT systems and infrastructure performance, as well as provide real time guidance for users on making the most of their systems. Accordingly friction is minimized leading to optimum productivity, performance, and credibility in the enterprise.

The insights from Tech Pulse are like the feedback from the rock when finding the best route to take when climbing. For business, the feedback leads to happy users with lightning-fast systems that deliver seamless experiences.


Miroslaw and Sarah touched upon the importance of training, sharing best practice, and continuous improvement, drawing parallels to following chalk marks left by previous climbers as a guide on the mountain. They discuss the need for online help and support systems that provide immediate assistance and feedback, ensuring smooth operations and employee satisfaction.

Sarah and Miroslaw turned a simple rock climbing tale into an adventure through the enterprise world, skilfully drawing parallels between the two. So grab your gear and get ready to conquer your objectives with a smile on your face!

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