forges partnership with Conify to extend reach and impact of productivity 360 solutions.

News | 30.11.2023 | By: Communication

We proudly announce a partnership with Conify, a renowned provider of data-driven Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of both entities, promising an amplified reach and value creation for businesses seeking cutting-edge productivity enhancement tools.

The partnership with Conify heralds a new chapter in’s commitment to delivering transformative solutions across diverse industries. Through this collaboration, Conify will integrate’s Productivity 360° cloud platform into its suite of GRC solutions, thereby extending the reach of’s advanced AI-based technology to Conify’s extensive network of end-customers.

“The partnership with gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology that allows them to quickly monitor their processes from start to finish. Improving processes, running operations more efficiently and extracting more value from process data becomes much easier!” says Marco Hill, managing director of Conify Technology. “’s expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics is of enormous benefit to our customers.” 

Felix Haeser, Head of Customer and Partner Success at adds: “Conify’s recognition of’s Productivity 360° cloud platform is truly gratifying. Our focus on AI-driven Operations Steering and Transformation Intelligence has been well-received in the market. Especially in the GRC environment we now have a strong and collaborative market proposition which is well in line with our DNA. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to empowering organizations with cutting-edge technology for enhanced process management and optimization.”

Conify, recognized for its expertise in delivering data-driven GRC solutions, acknowledges the immense value that’s technology brings to its offerings. By integrating’s Productivity 360° cloud platform, Conify extends its capabilities to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of tools focused on Operations Steering and Transformation Intelligence.

This collaboration not only amplifies’s global footprint but also signifies a joint commitment to enabling organizations across various sectors to harness the power of AI for operational excellence. By combining Conify’s established market presence with’s groundbreaking technology, the partnership is poised to unlock new possibilities and deliver unparalleled value to businesses seeking to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

About Conify: Conify is a leading provider of data-driven Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions, committed to empowering businesses with comprehensive tools for managing and mitigating risks while driving operational excellence. With a focus on innovation, Conify serves a broad spectrum of clients across industries, offering solutions that streamline processes and ensure compliance.