Supercharging Productivity with AI-Powered Process Intelligence

Insights | 28.03.2023 | By: Sarah Burnett

Over the past 18 months, my experience at has been a journey of learning. Before joining this innovative company, I had been working in the intelligent automation industry, where the emphasis on the use of process and task mining software was to scale up automation. However, at, I quickly realized that their solution went far beyond that narrow scope, and my understanding of AI-powered process intelligence began to improve.

Today, it is clear to me that AI-powered process intelligence can drive new levels of productivity, enabling organizations to transform the way they work.

Transformation Mining

For a while now, the founders have had a vision that goes well beyond scaling automation. It started with transformation mining – finding opportunities to optimize and modernize processes, and reduce complexity, from the most basic tasks to end-to-end processes. One example was transforming a contact center’s chat channel operations by identifying what was leading to long conversations, then updating best practice guidelines, identifying clear sequences of steps in the chat process that could be automated, and implementing a chatbot.

Productivity Mining

As the company gained more customers, new use cases emerged that extended the range of benefits of The new use cases were centered on employees, their workloads, and work-life balance. In some instances, the process intelligence showed that demand for services from certain teams far exceeded that of others, resulting in those team members working long and sometimes unsociable hours. The data enabled managers to organize shifts, headcount, and workloads better to relieve the stress that some teams were under and improve work-life balance for all. In the hybrid work-from-home or office environment, the insights were particularly helpful as they provided visibility into how work was accomplished and where extra support was needed for staff.

Later, more possibilities emerged on the employee engagement front. When the process intelligence was used to distribute workloads more fairly among teams, eliminate mundane work (e.g., cut and paste), and automate other repetitive tasks, employees were able to achieve a state of flow1. When their work is the right mix of interesting, challenging, and enjoyable, employees can enter a state of flow that leads to increased job satisfaction as well as higher productivity levels.

Our team recognized the potential of this approach and developed the concept of Productivity Mining. This concept involves innovative technology that provides a holistic view of how work is accomplished within organizations, identifies any issues or friction points that may hinder productivity, and offers insights into the root causes of these problems. With Productivity Mining, businesses can optimize their operations and empower their employees to achieve their full potential. is named a Leader for 2024 Industrial Automation. Discover the Intelligent Zinnov report and learn how to automate complex tasks, embrace autonomous workflows and boost efficiency.