The impact of ChatGPT on enterprise automation. How one team alone saves 50hrs of manual work a week

Insights | 12.07.2023 | By: Sarah Burnett

Much has been said about ChatGPT, but we are only just beginning to witness its true impact in the enterprise. Concrete evidence from’s real process data showcases the remarkable benefits. For instance, a team of 13 people saves 50 hours of manual effort every week by leveraging ChatGPT.

Real-Life Examples: Astonishing 50-Hour Weekly Savings with ChatGPT

This highlights the emergence of a new era, where cutting-edge technology and creativity deliver unprecedented levels of enterprise productivity. In this blog post, I delve into the implications of such results, specifically the jaw-dropping 50-hour weekly savings for a team, and how they can revolutionize enterprises worldwide.

To gain full insights into the 50-hour weekly savings and other examples, refer to my colleague Jakub Lutter’s recent blog titled “How to Boost Workforce Productivity with ChatGPT while Managing Risks.” The benefits observed in these examples are truly astonishing and I explore them further in this post.

Liberating Humans: From Repetitive Tasks to Engaging Work

Firstly, they liberate humans from repetitive tasks by enabling more automation. We discussed the concept of taking the robot out of the human a few years ago when Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was rapidly gaining momentum. By assigning repetitive transactional tasks to RPA, we could unleash human potential for more engaging work, while simultaneously eliminating manual errors.

Today, we can extend intelligent automation beyond transactional tasks to include creative activities like content creation. Consequently, we unlock additional capacity and enable teams to focus on higher-value work.

Huge Savings: 1.3 FTEs and Boosting Enterprise Productivity

Secondly, there are real huge savings. A 50-hour weekly saving equates to 1.3 full-time equivalents (FTEs), which, when combined with other efficiency measures, can propel an enterprise to new heights of productivity. The team can take on additional responsibilities, such as providing more business support, thus helping the enterprise overcome the skills shortage that is affecting every industry.

Scalability Benefits: Unleashing the Magic of ChatGPT Over Time

Thirdly, there are scalability benefits. Mastering the use of ChatGPT is a journey, and its magic intensifies over time. Teams can utilize this technology to enhance their work and achieve even greater outcomes. Those who have successfully harnessed the power of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) to boost productivity can impart their knowledge to others.

Consequently, the enterprise can orchestrate a symphony of efficiency facilitated by this transformative technology—an outcome that would undoubtedly bring CFOs great satisfaction.

Unlocking Enterprise Automation Opportunities with Software

However, many enterprises remain unaware of the processes that can be automated using LLMs. This is where software like proves invaluable, as it uncovers enterprise automation opportunities within an organization.

Furthermore, it helps identify any practices that risk compliance with policy or regulatory requirements. Moreover, productivity mining software from allows for the measurement of pre- and post-LLM automation, ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved while adhering to established guidelines and policies.

ChatGPT and LLMs have revolutionized intelligent automation, augmenting its capabilities exponentially. Enterprises now possess the ability to save substantial amounts of manual work. When combined with productivity mining and process intelligence, more processes can be automated today than ever before. So, fasten your seatbelts for an extraordinary journey of supercharged intelligent automation. is named a Leader for 2024 Industrial Automation. Discover the Intelligent Zinnov report and learn how to automate complex tasks, embrace autonomous workflows and boost efficiency.