Unleash Hidden Productivity and Minimise Risk: Maverick Processing

Insights | 07.06.2023 | By: Felix Haeser

As organizations grow, so does the complexity of their processes. While standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in place to ensure consistency and to minimize errors, sometimes employees deviate from them to achieve better results. This self-driven decision-making process is known as Maverick Processing and it can either be a productivity booster or a risk factor. In this blog post, we will explore how Maverick Processing can affect your organization and how the KYP.ai productivity intelligence platform can help you uncover and harness its benefits.

Maverick Processing: Friend or Foe?

Maverick Processing occurs when an employee chooses to perform a process differently than the SOP prescribes. This could be due to reasons such as efficiency, better quality, cost reduction, or simply being influenced by leaders, colleagues, and customers. While it can lead to productivity gains, Maverick Processing also poses a risk to the organization. Deviations from SOPs can result in compliance violations, quality issues, and even safety hazards. It is crucial for organizations to understand how Maverick Processing is affecting their operations and harness its benefits while mitigating the risks.

Uncovering Hidden Productivity with KYP.ai

Traditional methods of detecting Maverick Processing involve manual observation and analysis, which can be time-consuming and error prone. KYP.ai productivity intelligence platform offers a data-driven approach that continuously captures actions, uncovering deviations from the SOP in real-time. By analyzing these actions, KYP.ai’s machine learning algorithms identify patterns and highlight opportunities for improvement, enabling organizations to harness the benefits of Maverick Processing while minimizing its risks.


The customer admin team at a property management organisation creates new client entries in the system once a lease contract is signed. This includes mostly client master data, contact information, financial statistics. However, since the property management organisation is legally required to perform sanction screening as part of the KYC process, the admin team must check the EU sanctions list online and record the results in the internal system while creating a new client entry. Recording the sanction screening results is mandatory from the system point of view but the system only relies on the word of the user about the sanctions screening result as the system is not connected to any sanctions database. If the users from the admin team do not follow the procedure properly and not perform the sanctions check, the organisation runs into high risk with financial and even criminal implications. KYP.ai enables the organisation to perform a continuous real-time check of compliance with the prescribed process by analysing the activities of people from the admin team during the new entry creation for each client. Filtering cases where no sanctions check activity is present is immediate and enables to see in which cases the prescribed process was not followed, allowing the immediate mitigation of compliance risk and retraining of the employee (See Exhibit).

Leveraging Maverick Processing for Continuous Improvement

With KYP.ai, organizations can leverage Maverick Processing for continuous improvement. By analyzing the data generated by KYP.ai, organizations can identify best practices and areas for improvement, and then train their employees to adopt them. This not only improves productivity but also ensures compliance and quality control.

Embracing Maverick Processing with Confidence

Maverick Processing is a double-edged sword, but with KYP.ai, organizations can confidently embrace it to unlock hidden productivity gains. By leveraging KYP.ai’s productivity intelligence platform, organizations can uncover the benefits of Maverick Processing while minimizing the risks. With continuous monitoring and analysis, organizations can make data-driven decisions and take their productivity to the next level.

KYP.ai productivity intelligence platform enables the understanding of Maverick Processing and its impact on productivity and compliance by providing the answers to the five important questions:

  1. What is the extent of Maverick Processing in the organisation?
  2. What impact does Maverick Processing have on productivity of the organisation?
  3. If the best performers engage in Maverick Processing, what can they teach the rest of the team and what will be the productivity impact of the whole team adopts this way of working?
  4. What is the extent of risk posed by Maverick Processing and which activities are mostly affected?
  5. What can be done to prevent Maverick Processing in real-time before any risk arises?

By relying on complete and objective activity data instead of subjective process analysis or analysis of samples, Maverick Processing can be managed with ease and confidence.


Maverick Processing is a self-driven decision-making process that can be both a productivity booster and a risk factor. With KYP.ai’s productivity intelligence platform, organizations can monitor and analyze employee actions in real-time, according to their privacy policies, uncovering the benefits of Maverick Processing while mitigating the risks. By leveraging Maverick Processing for continuous improvement, organizations can achieve better productivity, compliance, and quality control. It is time to embrace Maverick Processing with confidence and take your organization’s productivity to the next level with KYP.ai.