Unleash the Power of Productivity Mining for ITSM

Insights | 20.06.2023 | By: Sarah Burnett

Did you know that productivity mining (PM) has the potential to enhance IT service management (ITSM)? By leveraging PM, you can uncover concealed system and infrastructure performance problems, pinpoint bottlenecks, and provide effective solutions. Notably, PM offers a unique advantage by presenting these insights from the user’s standpoint, thereby exposing all the friction points they encounter in their daily system usage. This approach contrasts with the IT team’s reliance solely on their ITSM capabilities and may reveal substantial disparities between the user’s experience and the IT team’s perception.

The problems can range from slow software application response times, e.g. 32 minutes in one real life example, to network bandwidth and latency issues, as well as limitations resulting from hardware and Input/Output (IO) operations. Using Machine Learning (ML), PM enables organizations to dissect and understand their intricate IT issues and get recommendations on how to resolve them. By making hidden issues visible, productivity mining insights can lead to a superior IT service management.

The problems can range from slow software application response times, e.g. 32 minutes in one real life example

Addressing Productivity Losses

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficient IT operations, especially software application response times, are crucial for successful business operations. Delays in application responsiveness can lead to productivity loss, increased operational costs, and reduced customer satisfaction. PM helps organizations proactively manage and maintain optimal application performance, pre-empting potential issues that may affect their operations.

Mitigating Network Latency

Another exciting aspect of application of PM in IT is its effectiveness in addressing network latency problems. Network latency is a hidden obstacle that can significantly impact business continuity and customer experience. PM serves as the knight in shining armor by persistently monitoring and evaluating performance to identify the causes of latency. In doing so, PM not only helps improve overall network efficiency but also facilitates ongoing smooth business operations.

Enhancing Hardware Performance

In the realm of hardware performance, PM can be a game-changer. With the increasing complexity and diversity of hardware systems, maintaining optimal performance can be daunting. Consistently monitoring and optimizing CPU usage, memory allocation, storage management, and Input/Output (IO) operations are essential. PM leverages its machine learning capabilities to analyze hardware performance data to identify inefficiencies in CPU, memory, storage, and IO operations – insights that lead to immediate, actionable recommendations. Consequently, enabling hardware improvements for faster performance and extending their lifespan, while reducing the costs of maintenance and replacement.

Personalized User Recommendations

PM’s analysis of systems and other hardware from the user’s perspective, sets it apart from other solutions. It provides the means to help users maximize the potential of their existing systems. It achieves this by evaluating current usage patterns to identify areas of inefficiency and provide personalized recommendations. For instance, if a user frequently encounters a particular issue or performance bottleneck, PM will offer insights into the causes and suggest ways to address them. For example, if the user has multiple web browser windows open that slow down their PC, PM can provide guidance on managing this issue. This personalized assistance empowers users to make the most of the resources at their disposal, significantly boosting their productivity and job satisfaction.

Productivity mining is no less than a virtual superhero for IT

To sum up, productivity mining is no less than a virtual superhero for IT. It provides detailed insights to make ITSM easier with opportunities to achieve optimal application and network performance, enhanced hardware efficiency. Additionally, it can guide users in maximizing the potential of their systems. By transforming IT challenges into improvement opportunities, PM helps organizations shape the future of their business operations, supported by finely tuned systems.

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