From Davos to Your Business: Implementing WEF’s Key Takeaways with

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Sarah: I’d like to ask you about the key takeaways from the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos. The first is that speed is crucial for outperforming others; do you agree? 

Adam: Indeed, leaders in fast-moving organizations report higher operational resilience, financial performance, growth, and innovation! delivers the insights and visibility that they need from day one to all stakeholders.  

Sarah: Cooperation and harmonious co-existence with competition formed an important theme at Davos with co-opetition seen as vital to achieving shared interests. What is your take on these? 

Adam: I couldn’t agree more. We just closed our partner event in Berlin and have seen tremendous traction with adjacent technologies as well as the opportunity to fuel partners with better solutions, for example, for automation discovery and how to make the most of generative AI and Microsoft Copilot. We see lots of candidates to partner as we deliver process data and insights much faster than other solutions like the traditional process or task mining platforms. 

Sarah: That is a good segue into the next key takeaway from Davos and that was about the generative AI revolution. 

Adam: Yes, we have all experienced the power of generative AI. It is set to transform roles and boost performance across functions with augmentation and automation offerings. I agree with WEF that it will lead to trillions of dollars of value across industries. for example, is the only player on the planet that enables a global scan of our customers’ organizations to define the best application of technologies like Microsoft 365 Copilot and Google Duet. We have realistic estimates for significant amounts of efficiencies that these technologies can deliver. Moreover, monitors and measures the success of the adoption of the technologies. It makes their impact on the overall business outcomes visible.  

Sarah: How about sustainability? This continues to be one of the major topics. 

Adam: Sustainability is a business imperative: Companies that lead in this space can accelerate value creation and reposition themselves ahead of competitors. As you know, our CO2 dashboard allows you to look at the individual user level, driving behaviors, leading to reduced energy consumption and carbon dioxide footprint! 

Sarah: Women’s health is a topic that is close to my heart. Davos emphasizes its correlation to economic prosperity. It says that addressing the women’s health gap could potentially boost the global economy by $1 trillion annually by 20401

Adam: We have been measuring work life balance across the globe and exposing the stressful situations in daily business execution that lead to unnecessary pressure on staff and increases sickness and attrition rates. Additionally, points to what can be improved to establish a healthy hybrid office model that works both for the employer and employees, based on insights. In addition, our technology has identified issues in work allocation and shift patterns, helping our customers to improve those. It has also shown how mothers can deliver more work than others if employers allow them to work childcare friendly hours.  

Sarah: My final question is about transformation – a topic that we talk about a lot and another key takeaway from Davos. It is about a comprehensive approach to transformation that is comprised of five essential elements: will, skill, rigor, data and technology. 

Adam: Yes, by paying attention to those five elements, leaders can have an advantage over their rivals. offers the data that is specific to the people, process and technology that enable transformation. Our insights can motivate the desire to change, show where the skills are or missing, how decisions can be made with careful analysis based on data. We provide insights to support the case for success and to evaluate the results. 

Sarah: Thank you, Adam! 

Adam: Thank you! 

1- According to a report titled “Closing the Women’s Health Gap: A $1 Trillion Opportunity to Improve Lives and Economies” by WEF and McKinsey is named a Leader for 2024 Industrial Automation. Discover the Intelligent Zinnov report and learn how to automate complex tasks, embrace autonomous workflows and boost efficiency.