Hollard Drives 20% Productivity Leap with KYP.ai

Hollard seeks to optimize operations by streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and leveraging automation. Fueled by a vision to capitalize on South Africa's skilled talent and government incentives, they aim to become a leader in the evolving insurance sector.

What they do

Insurance industry

Founded in



Johannesburg , South Africa



In a nutshell

Hollard Group is a privately owned insurance group based in South Africa that operates under two insurance licences: short term and life.


What are the unique challenges that made Hollard choose KYP.ai?

Manual Workflow Mapping

Uncovering workflows by hand was laborious and time-consuming, hindering their ability to identify areas for improvement.

Limited Visibility

Traditional methods offered little insight into hidden inefficiencies within their processes, making it difficult to optimize operations.

Growing Demand

As insourcing demands grew, Hollard needed a scalable solution to effectively manage their workload and maintain efficiency.


KYP.ai became the cornerstone of Hollard's transformation journey:

1. Real-time Insights

KYP.ai provides a live window into their operations, allowing them to instantly spot variations in workflows and identify areas for improvement as they happen. It enables Hollard to react quickly to potential issues and capitalize on opportunities for optimization.

2. Data-driven Decisions

KYP.ai provides actionable data insights that reveal the true impact of different approaches. By leveraging data to guide their decisions, Hollard can optimize shared services with greater confidence and drive measurable improvements in efficiency.

3. Automation Potentials

KYP.ai helps identify opportunities to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable employee time and streamlining workflows. By harnessing automation potential, Hollard can improve productivity, reduce human error, and focus their resources on higher-value activities.

From Inspiration to Implementation: Hollard’s Testimonial on Transforming with KYP.ai

Curious about how Hollard Insurance discovered the power of data-driven insights with KYP.ai? Join our Chief Technology Evangelist, Sarah Burnett, as she interviews Kyle McWilliam, Head of Group Shared Services at Hollard Insurance.

Explore how they’re transforming processes with KYP.ai, boosting productivity, and driving change! Watch now to gain unique insights into refining hybrid work models, unlocking automation, and more.

3 key results

307h per month saved

Full coverage - embracing a digital twin of GBS services for real-time and long-term continious improvement of full business services

20% productivity potential by adopting work patterns from peak performers

Hollard's favorite features

Process Explorer: Providing visibility into individual and team workflows.
Performance Metrics: Offering insights into productivity across different work environments.
Automated Data Insights: Enabling data-driven decision-making and process optimization.

Main take-aways

  • KYP.ai empowered Hollard to gain real-time visibility into their operations and identify optimization opportunities.

  • By leveraging KYP.ai's capabilities, Hollard successfully implemented a hybrid work model and initiated automation projects to improve efficiency and accuracy.

  • Key features like Process Explorer and Performance Metrics were instrumental in enhancing productivity and driving performance improvements.

  • Hollard plans to expand the use of KYP.ai across other parts of their business to further optimize operations and drive growth.

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