Propelling next-level productivity at Qinecsa

Qinecsa Solutions, a compact and industry-specific BPO in the pharma co-vigilance sector, faced the challenge of providing process transparency and efficiency visibility to their private equity owners.

What they do


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50% from top 20 pharma


US, UK, Japan, India

In a nutshell

Qinecsa are specialists in technology-led end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions. They are trusted, global partners bringing together best-in-class technology and scientific expertise to connect life science companies to the right safety solutions. They have created industry-leading, end-to-end solutions for capturing, managing, and evaluating drug safety data, more efficiently and accurately. Qincesa drives progress to continue protecting lives.


What are the unique challenges that made Qinecsa choose

"X-ray" of effectiveness

With private equity ownership, Qinecsa Solutions aimed to provide transparency and a detailed understanding of their operations. They needed to identify the key drivers of effectiveness within their organization, akin to an "x-ray" view, to optimize performance and productivity.

Data-driven management

The company recognized the importance of empowering their team leads with data-driven management capabilities. By equipping them with actionable insights, they could enhance decision-making at every level and drive improvements in key performance metrics.

Employee experience

The company leadership understood that employee experience plays a vital role in reducing attrition and fostering a motivated workforce. They sought to improve the overall employee experience by implementing strategies that address key pain points and create a conducive work environment.


A robust solution centered around empowering team leads and driving data-driven improvements with platform.


Everyday transparency and empowerment

The company established a system for continuous transparency by capturing and analyzing data from their 1,500 service agents. They enabled team leads to interpret the captured data and make improvements directly on the floor. This approach empowered team leads to take ownership of performance metrics and implement targeted enhancements to drive productivity.


Productivity benchmarks and monthly assessments

The organisation introduced a baseline productivity benchmark during the initial measurement period. They then conducted monthly assessments to benchmark performance against this baseline. These assessments drove observations and insights, providing valuable data to identify areas for improvement and optimize processes on an ongoing basis.


Continous improvements

Crafting a comprehensive continuous improvement program with a substantial impact is a formidable undertaking. was chosen as the ideal solution to initiate and oversee this program, primarily because of its remarkable capacity to uncover intricate processes and user behaviors. Moreover, the platform enables the derivation of quantitative insights regarding the execution, timing, and integration of processes within individual and team productivity, further enhancing its suitability for the task at hand.


Data-driven recommendations and decision-making

Leveraging the power of’s process discovery capabilities, Qinecsa focused on analyzing specific user and process scopes within their co-vigilance process. By capturing data across process, people, and technology dimensions, they generated data-driven recommendations that were implementable and impactful. These recommendations were presented to the decision board for evaluation, guiding informed decisions on implementing changes or maintaining existing practices.


Agile set-up

Furthermore, a embraced an agile organizational setup, recognizing the immediate impact of winning or losing a customer. This agile approach allowed them to swiftly allocate resources when acquiring new customers or adjust their workforce in response to changing.

8 key results

Identified opportunities to increase productivity by 21%.

Enabled €500K savings from AI automation in Year 1 alone.

Uncovered 19% FTE optimization potential within three months, driving productivity improvements across teams.

Identified 7 processes with substantial productivity increase potential, leading to targeted enhancements.

Improved quality review workflow tool for easier triage handling and enhanced service quality.

Streamlined shift patterns to minimize wait times and eliminated unnecessary error handling calls.

Identified friction points in processes, enabling targeted training and continuous improvement initiatives.

Transformed Qinecsa's employees' perception of automation: not a threat, but an opportunity.

Qinecsa's favorite features

Instant insights across all processes
Establishing productivity baseline and benchmarking
Process discovery module
Resource utilization dashboard
Application usage dashboard
Copy & paste matrix dashboard

Main take-aways

  • Over 50 Project Leads now have access to detailed productivity insights for their teams, enabling accurate calculation of Average Handling Times and facilitating informed discussions with clients regarding transaction volumes and capacity planning.

  • provides real-world data from users working on processes, allowing the Qinecsa team to build actionable and realistic business cases for automation. The data helps them identify areas with the highest ROI potential for automation and improvement initiatives.

  • has brought increased visibility and data-driven decision-making, enabling the company to make informed improvements, optimize processes, and drive operational efficiency.

  • By leveraging's insights, Qinecsa can enhance service quality, better meet client expectations, and have more productive discussions around transaction volumes and capacity planning.

  • The data from enables Qinecsa to prioritize areas with the greatest potential for automation and improvement, leading to accelerated transformation initiatives and maximizing return on investment.

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