Trust and Transparency in Digital Transformation Mining

Interviews | 03.02.2022 | By: Sarah Burnett executive panel with:

  • Dr. Adam Bujak CEO
  • Mirek Barteki CTO
  • Felix Haeser, Head of Customer Success
  • Wojciech Zytkowiak-Wenzel, Head of people and culture (HR)

Chaired by Sarah Burnett, Chief Technology Evangelist

Service improvement at a time of skills shortage is driving demand for data-driven process insights, transformation and optimisation. Digital Transformation Mining offers the deep insights that are needed. It provides a window into business operations to show how processes are run to allow organisations to achieve significant improvements in service quality and efficiency. Furthermore, it can reduce the employees’ burden of repetitive work. However, the use of desktop mining technology can lead to concerns about loss of privacy. In this webcast, executives discuss the issue candidly, and recommend strategies for best practice and transparency.

What you will learn:

  • Overview of digital transformation mining
  • The benefits and why organisations should consider investing in it
  • The why and the how of a human-centric approach to adopting it
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