Founders Take Center Stage in Forbes

Our founders left the corporate world to build, a Gartner-recognized productivity intelligence platform. Read their unique story in Forbes.

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HFS Research sees as the future of process intelligence technology

HFS Research, a leading global research and analysis firm, has published an article on how is addressing critical gaps in enterprise operations and paving the way for data-driven transformation.

Check out the full article and discover how the future of process intelligence technologies is shaping up.

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“We believe this recognition reflects our clear vision for the role of applied AI, relentless customer centricity, and the expertise of our engineering team. This inclusion in the Gartner report motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements that help companies redefine the future of work today.” – said Dr. Adam Bujak, Co-Founder and CEO of


Productivity 360° - Platform That Delivers Where Others Fail

Covering processes, but also people and technology dimensions. Offering both transformation potential identification and live visibility into operations from day one. Easy to implement. Scalable.


GenAI Potential Detection

See how we can help you identify organization-specific avenues for GenAI implementation, a key step in transitioning from a general understanding of GenAI technology to pinpointing tangible, value-added deployment opportunities.


Core differentiators

We are the only productivity and process mining platform with 360° view of the organization across people, process and technology dimensions. Get instant productivity intelligence for a complete overview of your organization's efficiency, empowering you to confidently drive data-driven transformations

Gen AI Potential Detection

Navigate from Gen AI buzz to tangible business gains with Identify and seize scalable, impactful implementation opportunities, transforming innovation and boosting financial performance directly at the process and activity level.

End-to-End Process Optimization

Gain complete visibility into your business processes with's comprehensive process discovery, identifying improvement areas and uncovering hidden optimization potential.

Holistic Productivity Insights

Uncover hidden potential with comprehensive, real-time insights into your entire operations, spanning people, processes, and technology. Make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency and growth.

ROI-Driven Automation

Identify and prioritize automation candidates with's business case calculations, unlocking immediate value and streamlining operations for long-term success.

Unparalleled Scalability

Enjoy effortless scaling right out of the box. Championing transformation for a team of 50 or orchestrating operations for a 5000-strong force, experience seamless scalability that meets your demands at every level, without compromising on efficiency or detail.

Live Visibility

React in real-time. What unfolds in your business today doesn't have to wait until tomorrow to be understood and addressed. Experience the power of immediate insights and take decisive actions today, keeping your operations always one step ahead.

Immediate Impact

Benefit from day one. Insights are at your fingertips the moment data starts rolling in, facilitating swift and informed decisions. Transform your operations with real-time data analysis, making an immediate impact on your business performance and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Hybrid Workplace Management

Navigate the complexities of modern work environments by harmonizing remote and onsite operations. Foster work culture that is both efficient and equitable, creating a sense of fairness and win-win.

Technology Landscape Rationalization

Monitor and optimize your technology stack's performance, minimize latency, and maximize application utilization to create a seamless, frictionless user experience.

Workforce Enablement

Empower your team leaders and management with data-driven insights on workforce allocation, work-life balance, maximizing productivity and boosting employee satisfaction.

AI-Powered Aggregation and Analysis

Leverage advanced AI algorithms to intelligently aggregate and recognize patterns within data, driving smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

No Integration Hassles

Plug-in for instant productivity intelligence across all your systems. is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing infrastructure and software landscape, eliminating the need for complex, costly and time-consuming integrations.

No-Code Configuration

Harness the power of agility and innovation with no-code configuration. Facilitate rapid deployment and easy adjustments, allowing businesses to stay ahead in the ever-changing market dynamics.

Secure, Privacy-Compliant Data Processing

Safeguard sensitive data with a privacy-first approach, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations while providing unparalleled insights into your organization's performance.

The platform

What about a Productivity 360° sneak peek? Explore our selection of interactive dashboards below.


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What is your point of view?

Whether you're steering the entire ship or managing a key function, your perspective shapes your needs and challenges. Discover how adapts to your unique viewpoint, delivering precise insights and tools to supercharge your leadership role. Make your mark, elevate your team's performance, and fine-tune your strategy with the backing of our AI-driven productivity intelligence.

Transformation Executives

Transformation Executives

Seeking maximum impact and effective tracking of improvement measures an organizational level.

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Operations Executives

Operations Executives

Aiming to implement internal best practices and monitor real-time operations across their organization.

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Heads of Automation
Center of Excellence

Heads of
Automation Center of Excellence

Struggling to demonstrate ROI and scale automation efforts throughout the organization.

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Chief Information Officers or
Technology Officers

Chief Information Officers or
Technology Officers

Looking to gain visibility into end-user environments, improve enterprise-wide hardware and software productivity.

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C-Level Executives

C-Level Executives

Including CEOs and CFOs. Seeking significant bottom- and top-line impact through operational excellence and informed decision-making.

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Leaders of
Global Business Services

Leaders of
Global Business Services

Focused on addressing process inefficiencies and optimizing resource allocation for large-scale operations.

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Familiar pain-points?

Harnessing the power of Productivity 360°, we tackle your most pressing challenges head-on to transform obstacles into opportunities. Discover how can help you streamline processes, boost efficiency, and drive business growth.

Lack of Visibility

Insufficient insights into the skills, availability, and workload of employees, making it challenging to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, capacity planning, and talent management. This lack of visibility hampers effective workforce planning and optimization.

Poor Workload Balancing

Difficulty in effectively managing workload distribution across different time periods. Uneven distribution of work can lead to burnout, decreased performance, and challenges in meeting deadlines and external and internal customer demands.

Engagement Risks

Uneven distribution of work between individuals, leading to certain team members being overloaded, while others remain underutilized. This imbalance hampers overall productivity but also fosters a perception of unfairness and inequity, undermining morale.

Inefficient Operations

Difficulty identifying key friction points and prioritizing high-impact improvement opportunities. Without a comprehensive view of these friction points, it becomes challenging to pinpoint the root causes of inefficiencies and take targeted actions for improvement.

Scaling Challenges

Struggling to scale automation efforts and achieve expected ROI. Expanding automation across the organization poses its own set of difficulties. It can be challenging to replicate automation success and ensure consistency in implementation, leading to bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Ineffective Transformation

Failure to measure and demonstrate the impact of transformation initiatives. Without proper measurement and assessment, it becomes difficult to determine whether the intended objectives of the transformation have been achieved.

Complex IT Environment

Managing a complex, unoptimized tech stack, leading to increased maintenance costs, performance issues, and operational complexity.

Legacy Systems and Integration Challenges

Struggles with outdated technology infrastructure and difficulties in integrating new systems, impeding agility and innovation.

Data Silos and Inaccessibility

This fragmented operations data landscape hampers decision-making, collaboration, and the ability to derive meaningful insights.

Adam Bujak
CEO, Co-Founder

Why do we exist?

At, my fellow Founders and I came together after gaining extensive experience working on automation and transformation projects for Capgemini, a leading global consulting company.

We saw the need for an advanced solution to help organizations rapidly understand their abstract processes and balance them with people and technology dimensions.

We founded in Cologne, Germany, and have since proudly integrated German precision and focus with the engineering craft of our product development team, creating an unparalleled approach to productivity mining and continous improvement.

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